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(Thursday, May 8 / 11:43 pm)

Immature piece of shit urgh. 

At this point of time I really hate myself for overthinking all the time. Wish to forget everything and not bother about anything but this stupid part of me refuses to let it go. 

Was I a good example to begin with? Did I teach you things you're not suppose to learn? Or did you learn it from your so called "friends"? These thoughts. I hate them. 

(Saturday, April 26 / 10:35 pm)

cheer up lil fella, we're here for you.

(Sunday, April 13 / 2:14 am)

So many thoughts running through my mind, I can't get to sleep. 

1. How could you say that? I thought I misheard you but seems like I didn't. I know people change, but this change is quite scary, isn't it?

2. Why of all people, her?

3. You're creeping me out. Too overwhelming, too close. You need to back off a little but how can I tell you that?


Bloopz (Thursday, July 25 / 12:28 am)

So yes, I've been on a month hiatus again hahaha I have no idea why I came back to blogging when I'm not even gonna update it often. But I'll try to blog at least twice a month once my project are submitted #lifeofayear3student pshhhh

Anw here's the updates for the past month:

The Void event outside Orchard Cine // Caught Pacific Rim with the guys // Nicole's 2nd farewell dinner with us girls (LOL) // Impromptu dinner with Corliss // Pictures w my kiddos from church // Nicole's 1st farewell dinner with the other church peeps // Hei sushi buffet with the poly clique since Year 1 // Cottage meeting @ Ann's // Minions invasion @ Toysrus // Group shot @ TF retreat 2013

"The right people who belong in your life will come to you, and stay." (Tuesday, June 18 / 11:10 pm)

Father's day dinner // Wow shopping experience lecture // Pique Nique with the girls // PLAYMAX 2013 // YF room clean-up // Sheryl's birthday celebration // Sunghajung's concert // Mag's graduation // Gardens by the bay with the girls // Floorball clinic

Basically summed up the activities for my one-month hiatus

Love how I've been busy meeting up with different groups of people cause it keeps me updated about their activities and vice versa. & it feels good to know what's happening in their lives like how it makes me happy when people know mine. Actually when people remember what's going on in your life and asks you how did it go etc, you feel cared for. Not just knowing for the sake of knowing. But it's also through this you see those who truly care for you and those who just want people to know what's happening in their lives only. Which is kind of disappointing btw.

Anyhow, I tried searching for life quotes (step only HAHA) and I found some really good ones. :)

For procrastination: "One of the most important keys to Success is having the discipline to do what you know you should do, even when you don't feel like doing it"

Momma's Day 2013 (Monday, May 13 / 10:06 pm)

Mother's Day 2013

Here's my momma for ya. Didn't get to have Mother's Day lunch on 12th May itself since the brother's still having his exams but we're gonna have a belated one this sunday (hopefully). Hope it's gonna be good, haven't had a good meal with the family for awhile since everyone's so busy to just sit down and chit-chat about everything and anything.

Oh oh oh & we got flowers delivered to my mum's office todayyyy hehe - carnations with my fav baby's breath - her colleagues were all envious which makes me feel good inside somehow. Buttt I just realized my mum's fav flowers are orchids & roses but I chose carnations. Yay.

(Wednesday, May 8 / 11:07 pm)

It's apparently the trend right now so I thought I'd just join in the fun haha I honestly think I looked quite cute in the 2nd picture and if I grew up properly I would have that face and looked pretty in that face HAHA what on earth happened? Myopia. Acne. Laziness.